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Free Support

View the vBound FAQ for specific question on vBound.  And read through the variety of Support Documents available.

Free email support is always available, and we will respond to your support requests within 4 business hours.  You may either send an email directly to support@fflsolutions.com or initiate a request by clicking the <Support Request> button below.

Support Request


Paid Support

Customers on the Support and Maintenance Plan may call the support line for help at: 952-303-5432

We also have remote assist tools that our support personnel can use to access your system for advanced troubleshooting.

The support line is available every business day from 9:00 am to 4 p.m. CST.  Our goal is to answer every call, but if we happen to miss you, please leave a message so we may call you back.

Click here for details on purchasing the Support and Maintenance Plan.